1. shadow-of-that-girl:

    And after this, Scotland will forever be known as the country who rejected its own freedom.


  2. So much for “Scotland the Brave”


    More like “Scotland the easily manipulated by posh rich people”


  3. A lot of you know I’m half Scottish half English, this is what I’ve learnt from the Independence Refferendum

    I think if the Scottish indyref has done anything it’s started a real discussion about what Nation is, to me it seems like more of a spectrum because in one sense each little part of the U.K. is a nation, Cornwall, Cumbria, East Anglia etc etc… there’s been 100’s btw in different shapes and forms. On the other hand maybe we’re in England or the UK or Europe or the west. I think political power probably is the key here, how nations are ruled shapes their demographic and public alignment. Even in America you have a Federal government but states are in effect tiny nations formed my different majorities, with different views and even laws. I think that localisation, lots of small countries, is healthy so long as they’re democratic and recognise themselves further up the spectrum. Which is why it is sill for people to criticise Scotland for not seeing a bigger U.K when they U.K struggles to see a bigger E.U and the E.U struggles to see a bigger Earth where essentially it’s not important how large or small our nations are, but that they co-operate in every way possible.

    We need smaller more localised nations, with more democratic representation. Smaller nation and larger unions.


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  6. Anonymous said: Just ask the girl, what could possibly go wrong

    I have no idea


  7. A socialist is just someone who is unable to get over his or her astonishment that most people who have lived and died have spent lives of wretched, fruitless, unremitting toil.
    — Terry Eagleton, Ideology: An Introduction (via quotemarx)

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