1. Idea about how the Big Bang started

    Physics/Cosmology people; if the observable universe appears infinite could it not be that near the edge of the universe beyond all matter is an event horizon, such that time and space distort, like the edge of a black hole? What if our entire observable universe is the interior or “other side” of a black hole, expanding as space, time and matter spill in from another corner or dimension of the universe. The event we call the big bang could have perhaps been the point in which matter first broke through into the new dimension we now inhabit, like a bullet through a sheet of paper? I can’t explain, here’s a really bad picture. 


  2. Fuck the Grammys, you’re all shit.



  4. So I re-rendered those old Jaws portraits I did.





  8. I did like B-town style acoustic cover of everlong, few mistakes but fuck it.


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  10. Random ideas scaping.

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